Lithium Ion VS Lead Acid

Lead Acid Battery Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Battery
Limited “useable” capacity 50% Useable capacity 100%
Limited cycle life 300 – 500 Life cycle 3000 at 100 % and 5000 cycles at 80% DOD
High maintenance Zero maintainance
Very Heavy 70% lighter & 200% smaller than lead acid
Smart, three-stage charging is required – Poor charge regulation can ruin batteries quickly Fast & Efficient Charging
Charging is time (and fuel) consuming – Fast charging range is only ~30% of total capacity – Final ~20% of total capacity has increasingly slow charge acceptance rate (CAR) Fast charged at 100%. You can actually fully charge a lithium ion battery just 30 minutes.
Full charging is required to prevent sulfation and cell imbalances can greatly shorten life Constant energy and power
Voltage drop Constant Voltage
Cycle life reduced if depth of discharge (DOD) exceeds 50% 100% DOD
Fast discharging greatly reduces capacity (Peukert’s losses) High discharge rate with constant voltage


The right battery based on your requirements