Lithium Batteries and Accessories

The demand for battery power is expected to surge many fold in the next decade. Mobile devices, home safety monitoring and IOT devices, electronic entertainment, solar equipments, automobiles, industrial machinery and computing devices will feature battery technology that surpass the capabilities of existing power back up products available in the market today.

The race for infinite power back up may still be a far flung vision, but we are getting there with new developments in battery technology being announced by research firms across the globe. As the world moves to cleaner technologies, lithium battery power is perfectly poised to fill in the ever increasing demand for lesser reliance on fossil fuels.

Our Reliable Lithium Battery packs and Accessories with a Made for India Price

A significant challenge for local markets to access the best available battery technology exists due to difficulties in understanding compliance, safe logistics and lack of reliable suppliers. At Rethium Power Tech, we help our customers bridge this gap with our expertise in safe assembling of quality battery packs, choice of battery management systems suitable for the project, knowledge of compliance requirements and an extensive list of accessories (including battery chargers) to meet end-user requirements; all this with a pricing that will not shock you.

Lithium Ion Battery Benefits

Batteries based on Lithium Ion technology are light in weight, small in size, can be used for hundreds to thousands of charge/ discharge cycles and can last really long.

How Can We Help

As a electronic devices manufacturer or an R&D firm, you are likely to face difficulties in sourcing the perfect batteries for your requirement. In case of Lithium Ion batteries, you may have difficulty in finding a reliable partner to transport the batteries from the supplier’s facility to your premises. You may have challenges in understanding the compliance requirements to safely import batteries.

Our team can help design the right battery based on your requirements. Talk to us or email us to know more about our extensive range of lithium battery solutions and accessories such as battery chargers.